About Oilfield Camo
About Oilfield Camo

Oilfield Camo was born around a campfire, with a group of friends gathered around, talking about past hunting trips and the outdoor lifestyle. Around that campfire, they realized they had many things in common, including their love of the outdoors and the industry in which most of them worked, the Oil and Gas Industry. It was then that it dawned on Oilfield Camo’s founder, Mark Lipari, to bring these things they had in common together and create a camouflage pattern unique to the Oil and Gas Industry.

The men and women of the Oil and Gas Industry take pride in the work that they do, many being third and fourth generation Oilfield workers. Along with the sense of pride they feel for their hard work comes an appreciation for the time away from their jobs as well, much of which is spent hunting and fishing. Oilfield Camo brings together that sense of pride and appreciation while offering a unique camouflage pattern, one for which the men and women of the Oil and Gas Industry can feel a sense of ownership. Oilfield Camo aims to be a point of pride for those who work in the Oil and Gas Industry and spend their free time in the great outdoors. From this, our motto was derived: It’s not just a pattern… It’s a way of life.

In these times where a large portion of the country has adopted a negative view of the Oil and Gas Industry, Lipari hoped to clear up these misconceptions, making others aware that the Oil and Gas Industry has given much more to our environment, wildlife habitat conservation research and maintenance than it will ever take away.

Oilfield Camo is Effective in All TerrainsIn designing the Oilfield Camo Pattern, Lipari considered where people hunt. Drawing influence from his South Louisiana surroundings, he started with a color scheme that would be effective in hardwood, marsh, or any other surroundings. From this, rather that using bark, branches, or leaf patterns to break up the hunter’s silhouette, Lipari chose oilfield icons such as rigs, platforms, crewboats, liftboats, helicopters, and other identifiable images to build a pattern that is both incredibly effective and meaningful as well.

So whether you are hunting bucks in a hardwood bottom, chasing ducks through the Louisiana swamps, or boarding a crew boat on your way offshore, Oilfield Camo is YOUR pattern.

Oilfield Camo. It’s not just a pattern… It’s a way of life!

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